Abdominal Ultrasound (Includes AORTA screening)

Abdominal ultrasound examinations are mainly required when the organs of the upper abdomen need to be examined. *Please note ultrasound is not generally ideal for viewing gastric conditions or the stomach*

Preparing for your Abdominal Ultrasound

Please Fast for 4 hours prior to your scan, this means, no food just water or black tea/coffee (please avoid fizzy or milky drinks) and please avoid smoking or chewing gum during your fasting period. 

If you are taking medication please continue to do so as usual, and if you are diabetic please contact your GP/Nurse if you have concerns regarding fasting, and always ensure you bring a snack to eat after your scan, should you need it. 

You will need to expose your abdomen as the ultrasound requires skin contact with the probe, so please wear loose fitting clothing.