Early Viability/Reassurance (6-15 Weeks)

6-15 weeks gestation

This type of early obstetric scan is often performed internally as well as over the tummy so please be prepared to undergo an internal scan if required


What will be assessed;

Presence of foetus in the womb

Foetal heart beat

Yolk sac

Shape and size of Gestation sac

Crown rump length (CRL) of foetus to determine foetal age at time of scan

We also look at your ovaries and the anatomy either side of your womb


A full report will be issued to you after the scan and a CD of all images taken will also be given to you

**Please be aware if the pregnancy dates are found at time of scan to be less than 6 weeks we may not be able to confirm viability, unfortunately no refund will be given if confirmation of pregnancy was not possible**


***Please note all appointments require a non-refundable 20% deposit at time of booking***


(Inclusive of all fees)

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