General Private Ultrasound Services

Please see below for private scans available at our clinic. 


Product Title Description Cost*
Abdominal Ultrasound (Includes AORTA screening) An abdominal ultrasound is predominantly utilised for identifying... £75.00Find out more >
Female Pelvic Ultrasound (Gynaecological) A gynaecological scan or female pelvic scan is predominantly utilised to identify conditions associated with the ovaries and uterus... £85.00 Find out more >
Renal Tract & Bladder Ultrasound A renal tract scan would be routinely utilised to look for conditions associated with the kidneys and bladder... £75.00 Find out more >
Male Pelvic Ultrasound A male pelvic ultrasound would be utilised to identify conditions of the prostate or bladder... £75.00 Find out more >
Testes (Scrotal) Ultrasound A testes or scrotal ultrasound would be utilised to examine the testes in detail... £75.00Find out more >
Vascular Ultrasound (Suspected DVT) Patients with a suspected DVT will usually be referred by their GP... £65.00 Find out more >
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound An MSK scan would be utilised to examine soft tissue, bone joint and muscle conditions... £75.00Find out more >
Double Appointments Double appointments can be booked to meet your needs... £130.00 Find out more >