Vascular Ultrasound (Suspected DVT)

Patients with a suspected DVT will usually be referred by their GP, however if you have concerns that you may have a DVT, please contact your GP for advise prior to booking an appointment.

Doppler ultrasound for a suspected leg Deep vein thrombus (patients with a suspected DVT will be offered an appointment within 24hrs of referral*)

Preparing for your Vascular Ultrasound

The sonographer will need to scan the leg veins from groin to calf,  as the ultrasound requires skin contact with the probe please wear loose fitting clothing. You may be asked to remove shoes and trousers completely. 

No other preparation is needed.

If you are already due an ultrasound as part of your current healthcare pathway please consult your GP prior to making an appointment to ensure your scan is needed and does not conflict with your current NHS Provision



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