Please cancel your appointment if you think you my have COVID-19, we can always rearrange for when you are feeling better, please always be tested if you have symptoms.

Please wear a face mask when entering the clinic unless you have proof of exemption.

Please use the hand sanitizer provided at the entrance to the waiting area.

Please respect the 2-metre rule and keep your distance from reception staff and other people in the waiting room.

Please do not move waiting room chairs as they are positioned 2 metres apart.

Waiting room chairs will be wiped down after use.

Please allow staff to open and close doors for you when in the scan room.

The waiting room may feel colder than usual as we have the air conditioning on at a cool temperature and will often have window open to ensure good ventilation.

The scan rooms will be colder than usual as we are unable to open windows as the rooms need to be dark and will always have the air con on.

Please use hand sanitisers when entering and leaving the scan rooms.

Toilet door handles and toilet seats will be cleaned after each use.

All couches, chairs, and clinical equipment will be decontaminated after each patient.

All clinical staff will be wearing PPE during the scan which is disposed of after each scan.

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